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Lash Tote Bag

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These gals are LARGE and LUXURIOUS! Made of leather like material, measuring 13x10x6 inches. They can expand to hold 3 half gallon hydrojugs and easily conceal your MacBook.

Inside there is 1 pocket and an included adjustable strap.

Made of Vegan Leather

NEW 2.0 Totes have a slightly different design. They are taller and more sturdy, so may not expand to hold 3 hydrojugs but they'll definitely hold a MacBook. 

2.0 colors are Embossed Pink & Nude. They have a liner and 2 pockets.

LashCon is the same as the regular pink tote bag. The only difference is the back tag says "LASHCON".

To keep them priced low, the Free Shipping code does not apply to tote bags.