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$6+ Lash Bubble Bath

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Read below how to easily sell to your clients


30ml - Suggested Retail $16

5 for $9.60 each. 10 for $6 each


100ml - Suggested Retail $22

5 for $13.20ea. 10 for $9ea


200ml - Suggested Retail $25

5 for $15ea.  10 for $12ea



I know it can be intimidating to sell to your clients, especially when you know how much you are profiting. But here's the thing, my clients ALWAYS buy from me, because they trust my products and I stay competitive with online shopping. This is how I get a sale 98% of the time.

At the beginning of the first appointment, I ask my client if they currently have a lash shampoo at home. Regardless of their answer I respond with the importance of lash shampoo followed by, "You can buy some online between $16 & $32. We carry Lash Sisterhood. It is $22, or $25 and includes a towel and brush with your full set. I don't care where you buy it, just that you have some."

I'll tell them this while I'm washing their lashes. At the end of the appointment when they are about to pay I say, "And did you want to get a lash wash today?" I almost always get a sale. I will only offer the travel sized if they decline (Which rarely happens). If they have a lash shampoo at home, I'll still send them home with a mini no-snag towel and 1Tbl of lash shampoo. Which equals about 20 pumps.

Note: I include a towel and brush with their first purchase, that way they have everything the need for their lashes to be clean and healthy.